Billabong Bull Sale Flyer

on August 9, 2013

Billabong Bull Sale Flyer | Billabong Bulls

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We are pleased to advise details of our 16th Bull Sale at “Billabong”, Moura, Central Queensland on our NEW SALE DATE – THURSDAY 26th SEPTEMBER. This will be better timing for all Droughtmaster breeders and bull buyers wishing to attend. With the Glenlands Sale on the following day it is now a two day offering of around 300 bulls, the quality and substance of which is a clear attraction to all Studmasters, discerning commercial cattle producers and to those with volume bull requirements. So we urge you to highlight Thursday 26th September on your calendar to consider our attractive 2013 presentation of select Sale bulls.
121 bulls are catalogued with lots highly credentialed in type, pedigree, performance and price to excite astute Studmasters and bullock breeders alike. This year we commence the Sale with our impressive young team of superbly bred Stud Sire prospects that have caught the eye of many good cattle judges on this year’s Show circuit. Lot 1 Abercrombie,

Lot 2 Armstrong and Lot 3, Alexander have all won Championships as Juniors this year. In fact Sale team leader Abercrombie, only 21 months at Sale time, won 7 individual Breed, Tropical Breed and Interbreed Broadribbons in 2 months, taking in Shows such as the Esk Droughtmaster Feature Show, Gympie, Gatton Droughtmaster Futurity Show, etc. It’s hard to think of young bulls that we have previously sold that show the Stud potential of Abercrombie and some of his mates.
Apart from these few young Show bulls, importantly for our bull buyers, all other bulls are silage prepared for the Sale, and even our few “showies” have been back home to let down on the silage since the end of July. High fertility and virility, natural paddock doing ability, weight for age performance and easy finishing ability are traits we value highly.
Everyone in the cattle industry is watching their ‘penny’s’. Spending today is always carefully considered and that’s why the value of the Billabong bulls is always another strong attractant for buyers towards our Sale. In 2012, 78 bulls (64%) sold from $2,500 to $4,000 and another 29 (24%) from $4,500 to $6,000. Our Sale averaged $4,070, while buyers faced heftier $9,141, $6,729 and $4,369 averages at Glenlands, the National and Tropical Roma Sales respectively.
We love our Billabong Droughtmasters and we take pride in our Sales and after sales service. If you purchase bulls from us it is very important to us that the transition from Billabong to your property is as smooth and careful as possible. This is not a saleyard. We and our staff always have the best interests of our cattle, and you as a bull buyer, first and foremost in the stress free way we conduct our Sale, and in attending to the best arrangements for safe and timely delivery of your bulls.
Like us, bulls work best when they’re happy.
Our new Sale date allows you plenty of time for pre-Sale inspections of the Sale team at Billabong, Moura (we’re only 8 minutes out of town) and we welcome you anytime. We’d also be happy to book a Moura motel room for you, should you require accommodation on the night before, or after our Sale.
We trust you can attend this year’s Sale and do us the honour of inspecting our wonderful 2013 Sale team of bulls. We are confident they exemplify the very best beef industry values of Billabong and of the Droughtmaster breed.
Kind Regards
John & Catherine Hicks Ray & Moya Hicks

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