Sire: Wingfield Gilligan (P) D5

    Dam: Fairhaven 1158 (P) D3

    DOB: 10/09/1998

    Type: Purebred

    Horn Type: Polled

FAIRHAVEN 99/5 (P) D4 | Billabong Bulls

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200 Day Weight+1283%
400 Day Weight+1782%
600 Day Weight+1883%
Scrotal Size+1.858%
Eye Muscle Area+0.244%
Rib Fat+1.351%
Rump Fat+1.751%
Retail Beef Yield-0.239%


A wonderfully successful and consistent sire for us since we purchased him for $21,000. He gets beefy, quiet, good constitution progeny with excellent length.We have kept a large number of his daughters in our stud herds and they continue to breed quality calves with desireable traits. We have sold 73 sons though the sale ring to average $7,465 as well as selling 20 heifers though the sale ring to average $4,875.Sadly we now have to rely on our AI program to see any future progeny from this stand out sire.